about as208690


as208690 was assigned to the organization object ORG-CUBK1-RIPE from the ASN block of RIPE.

The following is a list of ISPs, individuals, and organizations to which I am in transit,

but I must thank the many other peers and IXs that support my network.

AS20473 – The Constant Company LLC ,

AS58057 – Securebit AG,

AS53667 – Fran Tech Solutions,

AS35619 – Kevin Buehl .

And if you wish to peer with me, we may be able to connect via ip6GRE, VXLAN tunneling via NTT Next Generation Network local network returned and wide area network returned.

And our organization is announcing only IPv6 space at this time.

Our organization is very early and experimental, announcing only IPv6 space at this time.

If you find illegal route, please contact us immediately at info_dot_subnet1_at_gmail_dot_com

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